Members & Network

The firm provides top-quality, timely and intelligible solutions to its clients with highly qualified professionals, specialized in different fields of laws, fluent in English as well. Our trainees and junior associate are motivated and involved having obtained the highest qualification in the best law schools.

The firm is presently cooperating with prominent associated law firm working together over specific matters or cases of complex litigation and restructuring issues.

In relation to the areas of law that are not directly dealt by us, the Firm cooperates with other lawyers or professionals (e.g. criminal, tax, administrative lawyers, accountant or technical experts) when specific necessities demand it.

Moreover, thanks to their previous experience in prominent international law firms in Milan and abroad, the members of the firm have a wide network of international connections with lawyers and law firms in United States, England and many European countries (such as France, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Sweden and Austria), Russia, Tunisia, Iran, United Arab Emirates, China and Brazil.

In that respect, the firm advises clients on issues of a transnational nature, requiring an understanding of other legal systems in collaboration with professionals from other jurisdictions and the ability to manage cultural differences.

Our international vision brought us to consolidate a network with important law firms and industry associations abroad. We are therefore able to offer our clients excellent international assistance.

The network and our friendship relationships allow us to coordinate complex cross border operations with the help of local independent and leading firms in the specific markets.