Banking and Financial Intermediaries

Assistance to banks, funds, intermediaries and other financial operators, mostly international, on a wide range of regulatory, financial services and banking issues. We provide assistance in the admittance of new products and financial instruments in the Italian markets. We also specialise in derivative transactions, arbitration and certificate and related regulatory issues . Other areas of expertise include banking regulation and regulatory capital issues.

The firm assists companies and enterpreneurs in their dealings with financial intermediaries to negotiate loan agreements, verify the correctness of contracts and of bank accounts management. In collaboration with professionals specialised in banking expert opinions, assists individuals and companies in verifying the correctness of costs charged by banks and, in particular, in identifying any illegal application of interest and commission and apply for a refund or recalculation of the current account balance, eliminating usurious interest commission and expenses, illegal interest compounding and use of market interest rates, overdraft facility commission and other undue expenses and commission.

Our professionals have been assisting investors victims of illegal acts in the provision of investment services. In particular, our firm has assisted investors in defaulted bonds and securitiesobtaining important successes both in and out of court. The firm evaluates the formal validity of contractual relationships with investors and verifies compliance with the intermediaries’ disclosure obligations, particularly with regard to the adequacy and appropriateness of investments, and assists the customer in the mediation process and in litigation where necessary.